If you are NOT a merchant (for example, if you have a question about a bill on your credit card, a payment, or are a customer concern) - please call the phone number or visit the website that appears on your bill.

For RocketGate MERCHANTS:

You can login at

Please note that we have recently upgraded our single sign-on system with FreshDesk. On Friday, March 30th 2020, FreshDesk upgraded the Single Sign-On system and, as a result, the login page requires you to login as a customer by clicking on the "Are you a custotmer? Login here" link as shown in the image below.

Once you click on the login here link, you will then be asked to choose between the production and dev environments

Once you sign in with your Mission Control login credentials, you will have access to RocketGate's HelpDesk

Click here for the Introduction to the RocketGate HelpDesk video after login.